Main difference Between Mate Vs. Terrere

The people of Guarani discovered yerba mate, and they reside in countries like Argentina, Paraguay and other parts of South America. These people used to enjoy it as a drink which also acted as a medicine due to its properties. Yerba is a herb and as per legends a gift of god for a traveler group for their righteousness. Slowly it has started growing its roots and spreading out of South America into North America. It is now being used as vital power ingredient in energy drinks and other products. Yerba mate is mainly used in preparing drinks of two types Chimarrao and terere. Together these two drinks have become favorite beverages for health-conscious people who want to give up drinking caffeine induced drinks. Refer this link for more info. Mate and Terere are prepared the same way but are still different from each other in their characteristics. Listed below are the main differences between them.

Yerba Mate

The infusion of Yerba mate is of mainly two types, and both have their roots in South American regions of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Though Mate and Terere can be found in these areas, Brazil consumes more Chimarrao or Mate whereas Paraguay’s favorite is Terere. Chimarrao which is commonly used in Brazil is known as Yerba Mate in the rest of the world. The difference between the two drinks are

Water temperature: The significant difference between them is the temperature of water used for infusing the drink. While Terere uses cold water for preparation, Mate is made with a relatively hot water. So Terere is a cold drink while Mate is a hot drink. Also, Terere is consumed during summer as it can refresh you in the warm weather and mate is more popular in the colder regions of Argentina and South Brazil.

Storage: Mate which is a hot drink is usually stored in a thermos flask which is made of aluminum. Typically it is stored in a 1-liter container and has a tiny opening to pour out the liquid so that the temperature is maintained. Some people also used coffee flasks as bottles for storing. Note that these containers will not be more than a liter capacity as this liquid is supposed to be had in small quantities as compared to Terere. In case of there, the consumption rate is as much as you want and hence you can use any bottle of your choice from large to small.
Blend and flavor: Terere is a stronger infusion and hence is very strong as well as bitter to taste compared to Mate. The mixture in a Terere is more of stems and thick leaves along with the Yerba Mate as the main ingredient.

Yerba consumption: Yerba mate is consumed using the Gourd or Guampa. The gourd is typically used for drinking Mate and comes in various sizes but in round shape. A Guampa is used for drinking Terere and is curve shaped and made of plastic, glass or aluminum. Traditionally gourd is used for consuming mate.